Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie or Book differences.

Hello friendly reader of this blog I am discussing the differences between the book and the movie of Freak the Mighty.

Basketball- I think the basketball part worked because it shows that Max and Freak (Kevin) together make a great team. It shows the beginning of Freak the Mighty and it shows how they work together. It is a bit better to the plot because it makes it more enjoyable.

Size- I think the size of the characters was different than I thought it would be. I thought that Freak would be smaller and Max would be bigger. I think that the ratio from Max to Freak ruined the story a bit because you would feel a lot sadder if Freak was smaller.

Blade- In the book Blade was 17 and in the Movie Blade was the same age as Max and Freak I think that kind of helped the story because it gives him more troubles in his life so the story feels sadder and realizes his problems. Some of it didn't work because everyone was expecting that he would be older and bigger so he would look more intimidating. It was better because they introduced Blade earlier.

Ornitopter- In the book Max helps Freak get the ornithopter out but in the movie Max gets it out after Freak died. I think this helped the movie because it made it more emotional. They made the ornithopter a big part in the movie so I think it was a better that they delayed it until the end.
Tutor- In the movie Freak is Max's Tutor. I think this helped because it helped explain how Smart Freak is. It also explains Freaks and Max's friendship because they get to hang out in school too.


  1. It sounds like you liked the movie better. I think that the book was way better. I didn't like how Blade was in Max's and Freaks class. I think that he would be to young to be in trouble with the police. I also thought it was a bit unrealistic to have Freak as Max's tutor. Overall I just liked the book so much more than the movie.

  2. i agree with andrea